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Outlander Tour

Departing from Stirling sit back and relax while we will take you to some of the best known and recognized locations used in the hugely popular Outlander Series.  Firstly, we head east to the Royal Burgh of Culross granted its royal status by King James VI, In Outlander.  The mercat cross area becomes the village of Cranesmuir, where Geillis lives, while the garden behind Culross Palace stands in for Claire’s herb garden at Castle Leoch, Well known features of Culross include the 1597 Palace, restored to its original mustard yellow render and wooden shuttered condition And on the hillside above the village are the remains of Culross Abbey.  The 1626 Town House with its 1783 tower is also a showpiece. However, what really sets Culross apart as special is the way such a large part of the village is original, with narrow wynds (including the evocative and probably once descriptive “Stinking Wynd”) and stunning buildings. Here you can begin to see what a 16th century village might really have looked like.

Next, we travel to the village of Falkland.  The town substitutes for 1940’s Inverness where Claire & Frank go for their second honeymoon, the covenanter Hotel, which stands in for the cosy Mrs. Baird’s Guesthouse. The Bruce Fountain, where the ghost of Jamie looks up at Claire’s room. Fayre Earth Gift Shop, which doubles as Farrell’s Hardware and Furniture store. Campbell’s Coffee House and Eatery which becomes Campbell’s Coffee Shop.  There is also Falkland palace a favorite palace with the Stuart monarchs where time will be available to visit.

Midhope Castle, hidden away on the estate of Hopetoun House it is a derelict building that has been forgotten over the years. It was originally a 15th century tower house, which was much extended when acquired by the Hope family, It features as the exterior of Jamie’s beloved Lallybroch and where we first see Jamie being flogged by Black Jack Randall. Midhope Castle is on a restricted part of the estate, not guaranteed to be open.

Next we visit Blackness Castle, which was used as Black Jack Randall’s Fort William Garrison, The castle was built in the 15th century by the powerful Crichton Family and later became a royal fortress, garrison and prison. It is unusually shaped like a ship, and is known as the ship that never sailed.

Our next stop is Linlithgow Palace , a magnificent ruin which was the birth place of Mary Queen of Scots and also a favourite  residence of the Stuart monarchs. Linlithgow was used as the entrance to Wentworth prison where Clare goes to plead with the governor for Jamie’s release.

The final location of the day is Doune Castle.  The castle is Castle Leoch, home to Colum Mackenzie and his Clan, you can go inside the castle and investigate the rooms and grounds which inspired the set whilst listening to commentary about the castles history including stories from Sam (Jamie Fraser) about filming in the castle.

Tour Itinerary

  • Culross (Cranesmuir)
  • Falkland (Inverness)
  • Midhope Castle (Lallybroch)
  • Linlithgow Palace (Wentworth Prison)
  • Doune Castle (Castle Leoch)