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Perthshire Whisky Tour

Departing from your designated location you can chose 3 distilleries within the Perthshire area, each one has their own unique taste, all though the process of the distilling is the same it is how each whisky is produced that gives it its unique taste.  We will stop at each distillery for between 90 and 120 minutes giving you plenty of time to do each tour.

Glenturret Distillery

The home of The Famous Grouse.  This is Scotland’s oldest working distillery.

There are three tour options are available

  1. The Distillery Experience, Explore Scotland’s oldest distillery with the expert guides including two whisky tastes.
  2. The Tasting Experience, get a real taste for blended whisky or single malts with a guided tour and tasting from the Famous or Finest ranges. Includes a souvenir Glenturret nosing Glass.
  3. Warehouse Experience, Discover the magic of the bonded warehouse with the guided distillery tour and tasting of four premium Glenturret Malts.

Dewar’s World of Whisky

Dewar’s Whisky Distillery is the next distillery travelling through to Aberfeldy via the beautiful Sma’ Glen to get there.

There are Three tours are available during our visit.

  1. Aberfeldy tour, A guided tour of the distillery, discovering how Aberfeldy single malt is created includes a taste in the whisky lounge.
  2. Cask Tasting tour, Aberfeldy Tour plus a taste of an exclusively aged Aberfeldy single malt, from the cask. Complimentary glass.
  3. Connoisseur tour, A full Cask Tasting Tour and an additional portfolio tasting of five fine Scotch Whiskies.

Bells Distillery

Established in 1825 in a small shop in Perth Arthur Bell was trading in Tea and Whisky but only one was pure gold, Arthur Bell defied convention by mixing several fine whiskies to create the now Famous Bells whisky know throughout the world.

There are three tours available during our visit.

  1. Standard Tour, A tour of the distillery followed by a taste of the Blair Atholl 12yr old single malt.
  2. Signature Tour, A private tour and tasting of the Blair Atholl 12yr old single malt plus a further 3 single malts.
  3. Allt Dour Tour, A private tour and tutored tasting of the Blair Atholl 12yr old single malt. A cask strength
  4. Blair Atholl (drawn straight from the cask) plus a further four “drams” from the Whisky Treasure Trove.

There are also tasting sessions available here please ask for further details.

Edradour Distillery

Renowned as the smallest and most picturesque in Scotland, established in 1825, the distillery was traditionally run by three men, but now there are just two. Only eighteen casks are produced each week. Edradour is one of the most visited Distilleries for good reason. Visitors see intimately how the making of this handcrafted ‘Water of Life’ remains a living tradition in the twenty first century.

There is only one Tour available here, you will watch a short video whilst tasting 2 Edradour whiskies, then the tour will take you through the cask store, warehouses and still house. There will be time to browse the shop before we leave.

Tullibardine Distillery

Tullibardine history of brewing and distilling dates to 1488 when King James IV of Scotland stopped by the site on his way to his coronation to purchase beer from what was then a local brewery nestled in Perthshire’s Ochil Hills. Known for the gold that was once mined from them, the hills lend to Tullibardine’s reputation as ‘a drop of pure Highland Gold’

Here there are three tours available.

  1. Classic Tour, a tour taking you through the whisky making process it concludes at the dramming bar with a taste of two single malts.
  2. The whisky and chocolate combine the classic tour with a tasting of 4 single malts including a 25-year-old each of the whiskies will be matched with a chocolate truffle and a Tullibardine gift bag is included.
  3. The bonded tour, a tour that goes into more depth, with an additional visit to the bonded warehouse where you will have the opportunity to nose selected casks.  At the dramming bar you will have a tasting of three single malts including a 20-Year-Old. A Tullibardine gift bag is included.

Deanston Distillery

The Building was originally a cotton mill which first opened its doors in 1785, When the cotton industry declined, the workforce at Deanston Mill gradually decreased before it closed its doors. Rather than signalling the end of an era, this heralded a new beginning, and a new craft, for the local community.

There are 4 tours available,

  1. Deanston Tour, a great introduction to Deanston Distillery and the Highland Single Malt Whisky, you can see how it evolved from an 18th Century cotton mill to a distillery finishing with a dram of 12yr old Highland Single Malt.
  2. Deanston Classic Tour, the as the Deanston tour but with an additional dram of Deanston Virgin Oak.
  3. Deanston Tasting Room Tour, for those seeking something a wee bit different, enjoy a sensory journey through the tutored tasting and the use of the flavor drawers you will explore Deanston’s subtle aromas and flavours, awakening your senses, memories and further enjoyment of whisky.
  4. Whisky & Chocolate Tour, An explosion of flavours awaits you as you try the hand crafted whiskies deliciously paired with the finest handmade chocolates.

You can chose 3 distilleries within the Perthshire area

Glenturret Distillery Dewar’s World of Whisky Bells Distillery Edradour Distillery Tullibardine Distillery Deanston Distillery